5 Tips for Finding Lost Keys

5 Tips for Finding Lost Keys

Nearly everyone loses their keys from time to time in Atlanta. It’s easy to do because they are small, used so frequently, and simple to forget about. 

Here are some tips on not only finding lost keys but also ways to not lose them in the first place. If you simply can’t find your keys or have run out of time to look for them at the moment, call our team at Downs Security Solutions for help. Our trained locksmiths are available for emergency lockouts around the clock for business, residential, and car situations.

1. Retrace Your Steps

Put on your detective hat, and try to remember the last time you had your keys and everything you’ve done since then. Retrace your steps, and look in every spot where you may have absentmindedly set down your keys in your Georgia home. It’s easy to toss them on the kitchen counter, next the bathroom sink, or even next to your shoe rack as you’re getting ready for the day.

2. Assume They’re Hiding

It’s natural for you to keep returning to a spot where you’re “sure” you left your keys. According to a research project at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, the human mind returns to cleared spots and common areas. Instead, break out of that mindset and assume your keys are hiding in a not-so-obvious place.

Check places like under a pile of mail, around a stack of dirty dishes, or beneath the dresser or bed. If your keys were someplace obvious, you would have found them more quickly.

3. Look in Proximity

If your keys are usually in the same place or near something like your laptop or purse, be sure to comb the area within two feet of those objects. It’s tempting to go searching all over your house, but most of the time, the lost keys are very close to where they are supposed to be or near items they are typically paired with.

4. Ask Others

If you live with your family or roommates, ask someone else if they have seen your keys. Sometimes another person will recall exactly where something is, even if you can’t remember. This is an especially important tactic if others borrow your keys. Teenagers are notorious for taking car keys and leaving them in their rooms or in their pockets.

5. Don’t Lose Them in the First Place

If you frequently misplace your keys, make a resolution now to do a few things to prevent that from happening in the future. Here are some ideas:

— Always put your keys in the same place when you get home. Install a hook by your door and automatically hang them up so it becomes a habitual action.

— Make them visible by using a brightly colored key chain or attach a long ribbon or other object so you make the entire key package easier to see and find.

— Get some spare keys made. Most keys are easy to copy, and it’s worth the small investment if you have trouble keeping track of yours. Keep extra sets at home, work, or a neighbor’s in case you get locked out.

— Invest in smart technology. Many gadgets are available today that can help your smart phone locate your keys in case they get misplaced. They may sound an alarm to help you locate them once you’ve invested in the technology.

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