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A standard lock-and-key system may not be enough for some homes to make their owners feel secure. These days, there are so many viable security options. If this topic has been on your mind lately, then an access control system for your Atlanta, GA home might be the perfect fit for you. Simply put, an access control system controls the movement of people in and out of homes, giving all the power to the person setting the controls. Our trusted professionals at Downs Security Solutions are happy to assess with you if an access control system could be a good solution for you and your home.

What an Access Control System Does

An access control system is one of the most secure, convenient, and efficient ways of securing your home these days. As mentioned above, it offers so much more than the standard lock-and-key system. There are separate components from which to choose, allowing the homeowner to purchase and implement only one or a few components, or the option is there to set up an elaborate system where all pieces communicate with one another, and all aspects are controlled and monitored. This system controls and monitors the comings and goings of everyone attached to the home in one way or another––from family members to cable repair people––only giving authorization when wanted. The homeowner specifies who has access, when anyone has access, and to where everyone has access. It most definitely puts all the control in the homeowner’s hands as the person who monitors the system, keeping all the information of the comings and goings for security overviews as well. All this can include exterior and interior doors, property gates, and anywhere else ingress and egress is needed.

The level of security in an access control system can’t be found anywhere else. If the babysitter or nanny only needs access to parts of a home at certain times of a day, this system secures that that happens. Or if a subtractor needs access to a home for only a few days, the system secures that as well, barring entrance to him or her at any other time. No more worrying about unretrieved keys from others or someone making a copy of them and gaining home entry at a later date. If a security card is missing, a simple click of a button, barring card access, ensures that card no longer can gain entry. And, depending on the architecture of the system, remote authorization and monitoring are available via a laptop or smart phone, making it that much more convenient to the homeowner.

Components to a System

Depending on the needs of the homeowner, there are several components to an access control system that can be designed as part of an extremely simple system or a complex one. Only one component may be utilized in a home or an elaborate system with smart technology involving smart phones and computers may be implemented. The beauty of such a system is that it’s all customizable, completely contingent upon the homeowner. An initial consultation with professionals is always recommended to suss out what could best serve the homeowner and his or her security and financial expectations. Our professionals at Downs Security Solutions have experience matching the system or components best suited with each homeowner.

A typical access control system may include an identification device (such as photo ID card, PIN, or an electronic tag), a reader or entry device (such as proximity readers, standalone locks, keypads, keyswitches, or biometric systems), and a door controller (whether it be a person giving authorization or a computer system). Of course, this catalog is distilled down to the bare bones of a system, as there are countless components to build upon and stretch out from this simplistic explanation. But these components give a very basic idea of what’s needed in a residential system, and the uses for such a system are only capped by a homeowner’s imagination.

An access control system for a home can be as simplistic or as elaborate as a homeowner chooses. There are many options to keep a home secure. Call 404-873-2515 to talk with one of our professionals and schedule an in-home consultation to assess what would work best for you and your home’s needs.

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