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Security cameras are ever growing in popularity. Yes, in business situations, but this trend is actually in home security cameras. And not for million-dollar home compounds either––for everyday homeowners. This added level of security is making sense to homeowners in Atlanta, GA, as well as across the nation. According to recent FBI studies, having a security system in a home makes it 15 times less likely to be victimized. Home security cameras bring a lot to the home security system party. Our Downs Security Solutions professionals recommend security cameras to improve your home security.

Home Security Cameras Are for Anyone and Everyone

As technology continues to change and evolve, so does home security. One effective component in a home security system is security or surveillance cameras. These can range from a simple camera in a corner of a room to an extensive network of cameras placed within and without a home, covering all interior rooms and exterior doors and windows. What’s implemented all depends on what you as a homeowner want and can afford. Some of the options can be installed as a DIY project while others require the services of a professional.

Homeowners everywhere are choosing home security cameras for a plethora of reasons. Maybe it’s to keep on eye on elderly Aunt Mabel who now lives with you, to ensure she’s safe alone all day long. Or maybe it’s using one of the popular nanny cams hidden in one of the baby’s stuffed animals to keep an eye on the babysitter or even the baby. Another reason may be to monitor all the doors since there’ve been a recent series of break-ins in the neighborhood. Yet another possibility is it’s Halloween, and you’re having a party and want a doorbell security camera to monitor who’s at the front door. Or maybe it’s simply to give you the peace of mind as part of a larger home security system. For as many homeowners as there are, there exist that many reasons and motivations for installing such a camera. (Of course, you need to take note of all legal restrictions regarding video surveillance before recording anyone or anything.) But the important fact in all this is there are a myriad of options when it comes to types and prices of cameras––there’s sure to be something to fit every homeowner’s needs and budget.

Some Pros and Cons

As with anything else, there are both pros and cons to this scenario. Here are some of the most popular of each:


–– Continual monitoring of family and property

–– Camera catches if something does happen

–– Wireless cameras becoming more affordable

–– Visible camera or camera security signs are a crime deterrent

–– Lower home insurance premiums as a result

–– Verifies to alarm company to contact police 


–– Wireless home security cameras can lose signal, encounter interference, and be hacked

–– Loss of privacy for household with interior cameras

–– Wired cameras can be expensive and usually require professional installation

–– False sense of security

–– No guarantee of catching intruder(s) 

Camera Options

Despite all these pros and cons, there are still usually only four basic types of home security or surveillance cameras:

Wireless. Wireless camera options allow for camera placement pretty much anywhere that suits you, the homeowner. This camera type also avoids any unsightly wiring or needing to run the wires through the walls. Many wireless recordings can be stored on a cloud server, and you also have the choice to stream the video live on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Hardwired. Hardwired cameras typically take the highest-quality video without missing a second due to interference. These are the go-to in security cameras. You will need to snake the wires through ceilings and walls to mount them, and this process can be a bit more of a challenge than wireless cameras, especially for exterior cameras. These can video to a DVR, or you stream the video live to a high-definition television or your computer, table, or smart phone.

Partly wireless. Partly wireless cameras are considered partly wireless, because though they connect to your home’s WiFi, they still require to be plugged in for power. These are typically for indoor use only.

Scouting or trail. Scouting or trail cameras are typically used by wildlife photographers or hunters. These cameras are just the thing if you’re in the woods without WiFi or a power source. They won’t allow you to stream video or send you an alert if something happens, but they will capture anything that moves in front of the camera on video for you, even in the dark. Though this type of camera isn’t in high demand for home-security use, some homeowners do find it useful for capturing outdoor video of areas out of reach of WiFi or power.

Whether it’s Halloween just around the corner or you’d feel more secure when you’re at work on a daily basis, home security cameras can add much value to a current home security system––or they can be your entire home security by themselves. No matter how they’re used or for what reason, call Downs Security Solutions professionals today at 404-873-2515 to discuss all your options.

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