Residential Access Control

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The size of your home should not a determinant in your decision to implement access control. At Downs Security Solutions, we support Atlanta, GA–area homeowners in all sizes of homes––from snug quarters to grandiose compounds. Access control is for everyone. If you have always wanted direct control of who has access to your home and the peace of mind that accompanies this, now is the time to explore it with our security specialists.

What Is Access Control?

What does access control mean? Residential access control is actually a means of home security. It allows you to authorize who has access to your home––where and when. Access control takes many forms, from very simple to extremely complex. It is all tailored to you, contingent upon your needs.

Residential access control can encompass keypads, video devices, audio devices, key fobs, access cards, and/or biometric (e.g., fingerprint and voice/facial recognition) devices, to name just a few. You can utilize any one of these technologies alone, or we can assemble a tailor-made system combining different options for a more complex system.

Access Control Options

How can you use access control in your home?

With technology evolving as quickly as it does, your options are growing by the year. And then if you have a home-automation system, your options expand exponentially. But if you are just stepping into the world of access control, there are many places to start. It all depends on your needs. Here are a couple ideas of where you could begin:

• Video surveillance with a camera on your front porch or your front gate, showing you who is ringing your door bell. Or you could have cameras inside your home allowing you to keep an eye on what’s going on while you are not there.

• Keypad entry at each of your doors, affording you the ability to oversee who has your code and at what times of day that code works. No more keys and changing the locks. Now you can give your babysitter, subcontractor, or neighbor who walks your dog a code for entry and have control when they can enter your home, as well as have a log of their ingress and egress.

A popular feature you could integrate into your access control system is remote control. This allows you to monitor and/or alter your system’s components from a remote location. You can even lock and unlock doors remotely. Your system is accessible to you from wherever you are.

At Downs Security Solutions, our experts can assist you in creating any level of an access control system you would like. They would be happy to sit and talk with you about your home’s security needs. Call 404-873-2515 to get started today. Your new system is only a phone call away.

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