Summer Home-Security Tips

House key on a house shaped silver keyring in the lock of a entrance  brown door|House key on a house shaped silver keyring in the lock of a entrance brown door|

Everyone enjoys the good ole’ summertime. Especially burglars. According to home-security studies, more burglaries occur during July and August than any other time of the year. The reasons have to do with more vacations and less security vigilance while enjoying the fruits of summer here in Atlanta, Georgia. Our professionals at Downs Security Solutions recommend the following tips to help ensure your home’s security while you’re taking in the sun.

Take Precautions Before You Travel

Before you head out to that vacation you’ve been counting down the days on your calendar to, be sure you take some of the following precautions to protect your home while you’re away. Get your yard in order: Cut your grass, trim any shrubs around windows that could hide an intruder, and cut any overhanging tree branches that could allow someone to climb into a window unseen. Be sure all doors and windows are locked and barred. Set up timers for both the outside and inside lights to make it look like someone’s home. Stop your mail and newspaper services. Tell a trusted neighbor you’re leaving, being sure to leave your contact information in case of an emergency. Don’t announce on social media you’re leaving––post your photos and adventures upon your return. Label your luggage with only your name, mobile phone number, and email––no address or land line phone number. Following these steps can go a long way in deterring burglars.

Lock All Doors and Windows When Leaving Your House

Even when you’re making a quick trip to the market for milk and eggs, be sure your home is locked. Burglars can get in and out in minutes. Continuing to leave your windows open for fresh air while you run out for just a minute is all it takes.

Secure Your Doors and Garage When You’re Inside or Out in the Yard

Burglars like to prey upon the fact that homeowners are enjoying their deck or pool in the backyard while the garage door is open. Or maybe the front door is unlatched. You’re preoccupied in another part of your home, so it’s easy for them to quickly grab something of value and scoot to the next house. Don’t give them an opportunity.

Survey Your Home From a Burglar’s Perspective

Take a walk around your house, inside and out, with a critical eye. Pretend you’re an intruder. Can you spot something that will help them? Don’t skip this step. You’d be surprised what you’ll notice.

Don’t Hide a Key Outside

Though it’s a very common practice, it’s not a very secure practice. Hiding a key outside your home is risky, no matter how clever a place you think you’ve found. Professional burglars have seen it all. It’s a better idea to give a key to a trusted neighbor or friend.

Install a Home-Security System

It’s a known fact that burglars will bypass a house with a home-security system for one without one. Be sure to display a fence or yard security sign and window decals for all to see. These notifications will alert a would-be burglar you’re protected and prompt them to move on.

Don’t Talk to Strangers

Summertime promotes walking salespeople, whether they’re landscapers, tree doctors, roofers, cable companies, or home-security companies. So they’re easy to impersonate. Just because someone knocks on your door doesn’t mean you have to answer it. Some of these impersonators are trying to get a glimpse inside your home for a later burgle, or they’re trying to distract you while their partner in crime is stealing your grill from your backyard. Don’t open the door. Let them leave their literature instead.

Summer is the time to enjoy yourself. Just be sure you’re not giving would-be thieves the chance to enjoy themselves at your expense. Follow these summer home-security tips, and your home will be better protected. Feel free to call us at Downs Security Solutions at 404-873-2515 to talk to one of our professionals about your home’s security.

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