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Even when intruders manage to get into a home or office, valuable property shouldn’t be at risk. With the right safe protecting valuables, property stays put when privacy is violated.

Fire-rated safes will withstand fire and other natural disasters. They also protect documents and other valuable objects better than any security system. Burglary resistant models are better than security systems because they keep intruders out and away from valuables, instead of just informing you when your items have been compromised.

When shopping for a home safe, the things we want you to think about include:

  • How far the fire department is from your residence
  • What type of valuables will the safe be protecting
  • The number of items you plan on storing in the safe
  • The location of the safe(s) placement (i.e. in a closet, garage, etc.)
  • The accessibility of the safe
  • How many times a day will you access the safe

When choosing the right safe for your valuables, we tend to look at what valuables you’re trying to protect. If you were to say that you’re looking to put jewelry, small keepsakes, and cash into a safe, we would recommend a burglary/fire-rated safe between 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you’re using the safe to protect documents, a 2-hour fire-rated safe would be an appropriate safe for you. And the list goes on to include Jewelry Vaults, Vault Doors, Cash Drop Deposit Safes, Floor Safes, Wall Safes, and Gun Safes. So, when the time comes to purchase a safe, come to the place for safes, Downs Security Solutions and we will be more than happy to help you pick the right safe for your needs.

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