Do I Need a Separate Safe for Separate Items?

Do I Need a Separate Safe for Separate Items? Image shows magnified image of an open safe with padlock.

Customers oftentimes will ask us if they need to purchase separate safes to store separate items.

This is a good question. And like most good questions, the answer is: it depends.

For firearms and ammunition, stick with a gun safe. If you need a convenient and accessible place to stash some cash, consider a standard lockbox. Otherwise, most conventional safes are more than capable of protecting a wide range of valuables.

At Downs Security Solutions, we offer practical solutions for keeping you and your family safe and secure. When it comes to protecting your valuables in Atlanta, our products and services combine state-of-the-art technology with a touch of elegance.

How to Choose a Safe

There are many factors to consider when selecting a safe—starting with your budget. A poorly designed safe will likely not live up to your expectations, so carefully decide how much you can afford to spend before making a hasty purchase.

Next, consider the size of the safe. What do you plan to store in it? We always recommend buying a larger safe. A little extra space is a much better problem than not having enough room to secure all your possessions.

Think about the location. Avoid the temptation of installing it in the master bedroom since this is typically the first place burglars will look. Consider a guest bedroom or nondescript coat closet. We also recommend that you bolt it to the floor and conceal it by building walls or cabinetry around it. Make it difficult to find and harder to steal.

Buying a Gun Safe

Most people purchase a gun safe because they have children in the house too young to understand gun safety. Even if your child knows how to properly handle firearms, their friends may not.

If safety is your main concern, a standard gun safe will do the job. We can help you determine the size of safe based on the number of firearms you plan to store. More consideration needs to go into your selection if you want to protect your collection against fire and theft.

House fires can last anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour. At Downs Security Solutions, we can help you choose a safe with a solid fire rating and very few gaps in the lining to protect your collection from a fire. As for location, your GA garage and an exterior wall in your basement are usually the two coolest spots in a house fire.

Keeping your gun collection a secret is the best way to prevent anyone from stealing it. If that proves impossible, then always remember this rule of thumb: if you can move it, a thief can move it. And they will likely try to force it open with the sledgehammer or ax in your garage. A thick, heavy safe bolted into the floor is your best option here.

Buying a Lockbox

A lockbox is a small safe, in reality, only it is easy to access and cost less to purchase. You see them at garage sales, estate sales, and similar events. A lockbox is useful when you need to make a lot of quick cash transactions and are hesitant about holding a large amount of money.

Similar to a safe, the quality of your lockbox increases with the purchase price. Most standard lockboxes can be bolted if necessary. If you need to store a large amount of cash at your home, a standard safe is a better option. If price and accessibility are the two advantages of a lockbox, security is the downside.

Location, Location!

It seems like an obvious thing to say, but concealing your safe is a critical part of the security process. Unless you plan to use your safe as a decoy, it is the first place thieves will look.

If they find a safe in your home, they will either snatch it or go to great lengths to force it open. Do not purchase a nice safe and then stick it in your bedroom closet for the world to find. That defeats the whole purpose.

Call Your Locksmith Professionals

Purchasing a safe can be a challenge, which is why you can count on us at Downs Security Solutions to help you make the best decision based on your needs. Call (404) 873-2515 or request service online today for more information on how to keep your Atlanta, GA, home safe and secure.

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