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Since 1900, Downs Security Solutions has simply provided one service better than anyone else—the ability to keep the bad guy out of your home and/or business. Since that time, we have developed the products, strategies, and services to provide the best in physical security. We understand better than anyone else that the offerings of the physical security industry are never fool proof and simply buy time until the authorities can arrive and take over or until the threat is contained. However, we truly believe by utilizing our offerings, we are able to provide you with the adequate time required to diffuse the situation.


Rekeying of Locks
Just purchased a home in the Johns Creek, GA, area? Any idea where every key, ever made to your home is? These are two great reasons to consider rekeying the locks on your home. There is a misconception that when you purchase a home and the realtor gives you keys these are your keys.

In most cases this could not be further from the truth. Odds are those keys they just gave you belonged to the last homeowner, and who knows who they issued keys to—the nanny, maid, painter, dog walker? Rekeying is an inexpensive service we provide, consider it cheap insurance. We guarantee the things in your home are worth MUCH more than what the service will cost.

Lock Service and Replacement
Keys hard to operate in the door lock, making it hard to open? Having to slam the door to get it to latch? Does the door knob simply pull off the lock completely? Odds are we can repair the majority of the lock issues found in your home, and if the lock is beyond repair or not worth repairing, we can discuss replacement lock options with you.

We offer many of the top brands such as Schlage, Kwikset, Emtek, Baldwin, Arrow, and Yale as well as high-quality reasonably priced generic house brands such as General Lock, USCAN, and LSDA. We do our best to match existing lock designs and finishes found throughout your home, and we only offer brands we stand behind. Please check our warranty page for more information on how we choose the brands we offer and how we stand behind them.


Lock Installation and Upgrades
In the market to make your home more secure? Need to add a deadbolt or two on existing doors to make them more secure? Interested in moving to high security locks that provide protection against lock picking, drilling, bumping, unauthorized key duplication, and other professional bypass techniques?

We offer a variety of medium- to heavy-duty deadbolts as well as high security locks that can be incorporated into your home. We have brands like Mul-T-Lock and Medeco on the shelf and ready for immediate installation.

Furniture Locks and Keys
Recently inherit or purchase an old/antique piece of furniture that has a lock but no key? Need to secure a desk drawer or cabinet? These are standard services we provide on a routine basis.


Decorative Door Hardware
Fancy a remodel or designer look for your locking hardware? At Downs Security Solutions, we offer a wide variety of finishes, styles, and handle designs of knob/lever locks as well as deadbolts. We offer quality decorative hardware from brands such as Emtek and Baldwin.

Keyless Entry Locksets
Tired of the hassle of carrying keys, sick of the kids losing keys? A standalone keyless entry lockset may be the answer. These units allow for simple pin code entry and work off of a replaceable 9V battery. They also hold multiple codes so a second code can be issued to the maid or weekend guest and changed at anytime. Our residential electronic pin code locks are made by Emtek and are much higher quality than those found in the big box department stores.


High Security Locks/Keys
UL437 Listed, patent-protected locks and keys protect you against picking, drilling, bumping, and unauthorized key duplication. We are authorized dealers for Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, and Schlage Primus XP High Security locks. In most cases, these locks can be installed in your existing commercial hardware to increase the security of your Johns Creek, GA, area facility.

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