Should I Call a Locksmith?

Should I Call a Locksmith?

When it comes to locks, many people often try some innovative things to avoid calling a locksmith. You’ve probably heard of folks climbing in windows to get into their locked homes, trying to pick a basic lock with a makeshift tool, or cutting off a padlock when a key has been lost. In some cases, roadside assistance services will offer free lockout services to members of particular organizations.

However, certain situations really do demand a professional locksmith. When those situations arise, be sure to call our team at Downs Security Solutions for help. We’d be happy to schedule you for an appointment or deploy a locksmith immediately in an emergency situation. Here are some situations that may require professional assistance.

Residential Lockout

It seems like you always do something like lock your keys out of your Georgia home when you’re in the biggest hurry. Perhaps in the rush of the moment, you absentmindedly leave your keys on the kitchen table. Unless you have a spare hidden outside your home or with a neighbor, you probably should call a professional locksmith in this situation.

Most residential locks are complex mechanisms, and trying to manipulate your lock without a proper key can lead to more expensive damage and problems down the road. By relying on a professional locksmith, you can get back into your home quickly and even have a spare key made in the meantime.

Vehicle Lockout

A wide variety of reasons may leave you locked out of your vehicle. You may have accidentally locked your keys in your car or perhaps a key broke off in your car’s lock. Maybe you simply misplaced your keys at home or at work and you’re already late. In any of these situations, you may wish to call in the services of our professional in the Alpharetta area.

Certain car lockouts may become emergency situations. For example, if you are locked out of your vehicle in a dangerous area or your child is trapped inside a locked car on a warm day. Be sure to contact us for emergency services.

New Locks Needed

Although it’s possible to change your own locks, a professional locksmith can ensure your home is secure. Whether you’re looking for a standard deadbolt lock or a more complex locking system for your home, a locksmith has the expertise, training, and tools to do a professional job.

This can be especially important if new locks are required due to a personal security threat. Whether you’re trying to protect your family and belongings from a repeat burglary or away from a dangerous individual, reliable locks are important to provide extra security. According to Security Snobs, more than a dozen lock options are available today.

Broken Keys

Over time, keys can become weaker and break. If you break a key inside a lock, you’ll need to call one of our professional locksmiths. In this situation, you may need to replace the entire lock or at least have us take apart the mechanism to remove the broken pieces. 

Locks are complex and sensitive, requiring professional knowledge to manage them correctly. Trying to take apart a lock yourself without that knowledge may result in further lock damage.

Assistance With Safes

Many individuals and businesses may rely on a variety of different kinds of safes to protect important documents, extra cash, jewelry, or data files. If you happen to lose your key, forget your combination, or otherwise be locked out of your safe equipment, you may need to call a locksmith.  

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